Mother’s Day

To all those that will celebrate with your Mother showing your love and all you Mum’s surrounded by love on this day.  

To all those feeling so much love towards your Mother, but a wrench in your heart, because they have sadly passed on.

For all those that feel a double loss, due to feeling you never had a Mother’s love, and feeling the loss of that ever happening due to your Mum having passed on.

Or for those that feel loss that your Mother is unable to love you back, but they are there out of reach.  

To those of you that will feel torn, because you don’t know how to celebrate the day with your Mother, maybe you feel disliked by your Mother, disinterest, tolerance, less favoured, unloved or even worse offered ‘fake’ love.  Will you get criticised no matter what you do?

For those holding resentments towards their Mother.  

For those that regret holding resentments towards their Mother.  

For all those that will be in sadness due to having lost a child.  

For those Mum’s that will feel some love, and those that feel lots of love.  

To all those Mum’s with their own story that affect their ability to love.

To all those Mum’s doing the job of Mum and Dad mostly and exhausted from running a home on one income as well as having no one there in the good and the bad times.

For those who just don’t know how to feel.

This is your day.  Celebrate it with joy or self love.

Some will feel joy and love and some will feel sadness and loss on this day.

Everyone will be trying their best, that is good enough.

So happy Mother’s day and love to you all.  

For those surrounded by love I smile for you, for those in pain, I feel for you and care about your pain and you, many others will do too if you reach out.


Ange Neild


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