Self Worth

self worth

We can often learn who we are through others and their opinions of us.

It is important to be able to self reflect and work on any flaws, striving to improve ourselves, but never base your self worth on your critics alone.

It is ok and healthy to challenge behaviours you feel are hurtful in some way, but it is abusive to attack a persons character.  Challenge what someone does if need be, but not who they are as a person.  It is never OK to degrade someone as horrible or nasty etc.  If you think that, stay away from them, end the relationship.

Your self worth will lessen around anyone you allow to abuse you and if you in turn become abusive yourself.

Protect your self worth, let it grow, develop your character and be around others who nurture that process also.


All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Angela Neild

Manchester Counsellor


For anyone experiencing domestic abuse, contact the Freedom Programme for free support:


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