Healing Childhood Wounds

The child left ignored, may learn how to feel unworthy of attention, but they can learn how to shine their light and be seen.  One day they can decide they do matter.  You do matter, those that can’t see that don’t.

The child favoured less, may learn how to feel they are not good enough, but they can learn that in some ways they can be better at some things therefore they always was equal to others and good enough.  It may be your carers attitudes and justifications that was the issue, not your value.

The child that is criticised, can learn how to continue to beat their spirit into the ground with their own self talk.  You can learn how to plant a seed at rock bottom and grow bigger than your critics.

The child who is beaten, may learn that is ‘normal’, they may forget their rights.  You can fight back one day and beat the negative influences of your abuser(s).

The child who is sexually abused, may learn that natural physical feelings can make them feel bad and can carry confused guilt and shame throughout their life.  You can learn to give the guilt and shame back to the rightful owner.

For the parents that makes mistakes, maybe you have also been let down?   You can learn to see your worth your child’s worth.

To the children that make mistakes, it is part of life and learning, you have a right to receive guidance, if you don’t receive it, master responsibility and be a better person than those that let you down.


Angela Neild MBACP

Manchester Counselling



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