It has been a while since my last blog and there have been huge changes globally.  My last blog was wrote after Brexit, when I felt I needed to write due to the nasty abuse that was directed at the working class.  I wrongly directed my anger at middle classes, since then I have come to believe the group of people that anger me, are a certain type of Liberal.  So my apologies to the decent middle classes.

I decided to write my feelings in a blog to spare my poor social media friends from having to see my occasional rants or outbursts.  Social media is currently rife with clashing opinions regarding politics, it can be tiresome and I don’t want to keep adding to that.

I developed a mild interest for politics before Brexit, so that I could educate myself when casting my vote.  When I observed the undemocratic response towards Brexit, my interest correlated with my anger.  There seems to be a certain group of liberals who arrogantly believe they are superior with their ability to care and be decent and they hurl awful abuse at those they believe are inferior or basically ‘stupid’.  I am still really shocked by this as since when are opposing opinions a bad thing?  Liberals fear Orwellian societies, yet promote there has to be only one way of thinking?  They see decency in a one dimensional way, something that fits into their ideology ONLY?

I am starting to regret ever paying any attention to politics, as it can be ruthless, childish and abusive at times when this type of individual contaminates debate.  It seems you can express openly your support for Liberal Democrats, Green Party, Labour and so on, but if you dare mention you like conservatives policies, you are then labelled as scum, rejected, shunned and risk facing abuse (or often backstabbing maybe with more spineless types) from these types of people.  How on earth can that be decent?  I have not witnessed that once from anyone who votes conservative, but have seen it amongst some that vote Labour.  It is really sad because it can give a negative impression of Labour.  Those that campaign with passion and without abuse are an absolute credit and are probably behind Labours recent success, but they are being let down by these toxic individuals.

I am starting to think that for some shallow individuals, being liberal is simply a dinner party conversation over some mouldy cheese.


For me it represents open mindedness, tolerance and acceptance that other opinions will vary.  It shouldn’t be nasty.

Many would have my wrists cuffed for not believing in freedom of movement.  Many ASSUME that I must be right wing or racist or …..I don’t know and can’t be bothered working out their minds………something.

Freedom of movement works fantastic for middle skilled and high skilled workers.  I would love the same to be true for low skilled workers, but from what I see it is not true.  Low skilled freedom of movement brings competition for jobs, and high demands for housing.  So all low skilled ethnic groups suffer.  Can low tax’s bring in enough contribution for our NHS and welfare to meet the demand?  These are questions I am keen to explore.  Closing down debates could lead to resentments and breed hostility within communities.  How many liberals actually put down their pinot noir and mouldy cheese and roll up their sleeves to help integration and ease these issues?  Come on ‘liberals’ you can’t just welcome all then leave them and turn the other cheek smirking ‘oh well the fittest of the fittest will survive’ with a toxic disinterested smugness that you have ‘fought the cause’ and ‘done your bit’.  That is not moral superiority, that is ignorance.

I really struggled to cast my vote in this last general election, as liberalism is infected with some ignorant people.  The decent Liberals won me around.  I am really lifted that this country got behind Jeremy Corbyn a decent man.  It is truly amazing what he has achieved.  If he promoted freedom of movement for low skilled workers, I would back him all the way, as I believe he will not leave people to suffer in poverty as a result of policies that sound good over mouldy cheese.  I do not believe his character is infected with delusions of grandiose and ignorance.

Decency is stronger than liberal ideology.  Decency will expose toxic liberals.  We have a new generation interested in politics and I am thirsty for their opinions.  I am also keen to try and stop them from seeing liberalism as mouldy cheese over cheese triangles. It is more than that, decency does not care if you stuff your face with spam butties and brown sauce.  Labour was created by working class hearts, let us not forget that.

Decent are those people that ‘have better’ but who also have the integrity and strength of character to realise that it does not make them ‘better’ characters.  Liberals who use bullying tactics to dictate to others how they should vote, should be held to account.  They almost scared me off, we do not want that to happen with youngsters that are now showing interest, or worse still promote these toxic attitudes.  I work with vulnerable adults and safeguarding ethics highlight how vulnerable people can be easily influenced.  I would not be surprised if some find politics too scary to participate in.

Strong hearts are made during difficult times and that is why us working class will NEVER be inferior to anyone, even if we have less material things.  The suffragettes did not fight to create a space for Liberals to dictate how we should all vote.  They would fight such oppressive tactics maybe?

Thank you to our new generation, come on show them toxic liberals how it is done!

For my boys who make me so proud x



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