Great Friends Are Forever, Life Is Not

Don’t forget your friends when; you become rich, if you become poor, if you start a new career, or end one. Don’t fail to remember your friends if you’re happy, if you’re lonely, if you’re excited, or you’re sad. Because a true friend won’t forget you, and if you’re a true friend you won’t forget them too.

Don’t ignore your friends even if you’re married, dating, falling in love, or falling out of it. Don’t ignore your friends, if they forget to text you back, miss your Birthday, or don’t mention it even if they didn’t forget. Don’t close your eyes to your friends if have a minor disagreement, or any disagreement at all. One day they will need you, or you will need them too, and because you are holding a grudge, you are taking away the only way for them to reach you.

Friends, whether you consider them family or not, are a gift to have. Choose to focus on the gift they are to you instead of holding a grudge because they couldn’t call, text or be there for you, even when they wanted to.
Just like you, they may be going through something similar, or at times worse, so reach out to them even if you’re hurt. Because friends like yours, and mine, and all of us combined, are only here on this earth for a limited amount of time. So, reach out, call, text, or write to them, and keep them close to you .

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