A Fresh Start

It’s a brand new day, and a brand new week, and a fresh new season; A time to start over and begin again and prepare for the new year ahead.

For me, the winter solstice means a time of renewal and a time for me to look back on the past years’ triumphs and tribulations. I take inventory on what worked, what didn’t, what I would like to improve on. I also write down my vision for the new year ahead and focus on what I want to happen in my life.

I peel back the year layer by layer, and focus on the positive rather than the negative, and continue to be grateful for each step.

Living with Epilepsy, I find it difficult to start over, as my mind is constantly trying to bring me back to the past. I have a seizure, or two, or three, and I find myself right back to the beginning. Does anyone else experience this feeling? The winter solstice allows me to open up to what’s new and give me some sense of what’s ahead instead of feeling behind. I am ready for what’s ahead, are you?

I open myself up to the new possibilities

I continue to embrace all that life has in store for me.

I am choosing to be thankful today, and always.

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Keep on keeping on, Danny

What are you thankful for today? Let me know by leaving a comment or writing them down in a journal.

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