A Glass Half Full

I am an optimist; I have spent too much of my life being a pessimist. I looked at the glass half empty instead of half full, and I focused on the bad instead of the good, and I thought that my life was worse than anyone else when in reality, many others have it so much worse. 

As I began to look at my life and realize just how good it really is compared to others around me, I started to open up to the good around me. Yes, my life isn’t perfect; yes, I have three neurological disorders that include epilepsy, which gets in my way from time to time; but things could always be worse, and I could still choose to think differently about it all, but I don’t. Life’s too short to take anything for granted. 

I let myself suffer for too long, which only led to deep heartache, sadness, and almost death. When I approached that final moment, and I was ready to end my life, I didn’t realize who else I would be hurting; I didn’t think of anyone else but myself. Looking back on that day, I am thankful that I didn’t follow through on what I had planned for myself because life had more important things set in place for me. 

I am an optimist, and I don’t take my life for granted. I choose to be grateful each day, and I don’t complain about the things that I cannot change. I focus on the good in my life, and I embrace my mess. I understand that life is not perfect, and neither am I. I have my days when I feel angry, and when I feel sad and downright miserable along with every other emotion, I don’t hold onto them. I let myself feel them now, sit with them, and let them go. 

Life is too short to spend it being angry, sad, miserable, and frustrated at the world all the time. It is time to feel good, and I will. Will you too?

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Keep on keeping on, 


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