It’s Okay Not To Be OK

Some days the words just don’t come out, and that’s okay. It is usually on those days when I have had multiple seizures, but it is also on those days when I feel too drained by the ups and downs of life to express how I think in words; this is when I pick up my pen and write. I write about not necessarily my worries, fears, or anxieties, but I write about my blessings. I write about all the things that life has provided me with and continues to offer me. 

I look up instead of looking down and focus on how good my life really is. I know that life is not going to be easy, and I have a choice to either make it harder on myself or make it easier by not choosing to dwell on the negative circumstances put in my way. By choosing not to overthink my circumstances and accept them, I am allowing myself to live a happier, more grateful life.

We all have the ability to do this; we have to allow ourselves to focus on what’s right in our lives. Your life will not be perfect, and there will be days that you just want to stay silent, and that’s okay; but allow yourself to realize your blessings, allow yourself the time to rest, and bring yourself peace. Focus on healing and getting your body and mind back in order.

Stay strong, remain positive, and continue to embrace your beautiful, messy life. 

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Keep on keeping on, 


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