The Biggest Decision Of Your Life

There are big decisions, and there are little decisions that I must make today, but the more I think about it, the biggest decision I need to make today is to be happy. As time goes by and life moves forward, my happiness is the only thing that matters today. 

I could look back and continue to dwell on my past and focus on all of the things that I did wrong; I could continue to regret the people I hurt and the things that I did not do, but I only have today, and today I am choosing to be happy. 

My life has never been perfect, and I have never been perfect either, but I know no such thing as perfection in life, only flaws in this messy, beautiful life. I choose to embrace these beautiful flaws in myself and my life and be happy because I only have today; what happened yesterday is gone, and what might happen tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. 

New doors are opening for me, and I will enter them with open arms, choosing to be happy, hopeful, and grateful from this moment forward. 

Each new day is a chance for you to start fresh and embrace what’s new and good for you. Allow yourself today to let go of your past and put aside your regrets. You have this brand new day to thrive and move forward, and most of all, to be happy for all that it is. 

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