It has been a while since my last blog and there have been huge changes globally.  My last blog was wrote after Brexit, when I felt I needed to write due to the nasty abuse that was directed at the working class.  I wrongly directed my anger at middle classes, since then I have come […]

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Counselling in Addiction

I feel a little nervous addressing this topic and that makes me smile.  The reason is, that working in addiction has been one of the most thrilling, scary, rewarding and satisfying experiences of my life after being a Mother.  I like the fact I can still feel nervous about tackling addiction, even with over 10 […]

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Carl Jung

We are all influenced by others, throughout our lives.  This one man and his wonderful mind, has influenced me greatly: 1.”One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.” 2. “Don’t hold on to someone who’s leaving, otherwise you won’t meet the one who’s coming.” 3. “Until you make the […]

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It is a beautiful day here in Manchester.  I have no idea why I am drawn to blog about abuse tactics, but my blogs seem to have a mind of their own.  I simply feel a fire in my belly, run with it and before I know it there is a blog.  So here is […]

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Why do I feel so unhappy?

This blog is for the many people I have worked with who have felt like their ‘issues’ were not worthy enough to warrant feeling so unhappy; and the many others out there at risk of dismissing their discontent.  Many times I hear statements like ‘I should not be feeling like this’ or ‘I have no […]

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Communication skills

Communication can either break down or improve relationships.  Coming from a counselling perspective, here I will try to focus on how to communicate feelings, healthy communication, unhealthy communication and general communication skills.   We communicate daily, with partners, children, friends, family and work colleagues and sometimes even strangers. We develop styles and patterns of communication […]

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