Why do I feel so unhappy?

This blog is for the many people I have worked with who have felt like their ‘issues’ were not worthy enough to warrant feeling so unhappy; and the many others out there at risk of dismissing their discontent.  Many times I hear statements like ‘I should not be feeling like this’ or ‘I have no […]

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Losing someone special

Saturday the 17th of January 2015 I was getting ready as usual.  In the bath, I became a little bemused why all of a sudden I had an urge to sing.  It was not too unusual as sometimes I will have a little sing in the bath and sometimes I will not.  I was singing […]

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It is good to talk

Often people will wonder how counselling can help them, how will they benefit from accessing counselling?  Counselling will not be for everyone, but it can help many.  The counselling starts as soon as a person walks into the room, do they appear confident?  Or do they come across as timid?  Do they move the chair […]

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