It is a beautiful day here in Manchester.  I have no idea why I am drawn to blog about abuse tactics, but my blogs seem to have a mind of their own.  I simply feel a fire in my belly, run with it and before I know it there is a blog.  So here is […]

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Why do I feel so unhappy?

This blog is for the many people I have worked with who have felt like their ‘issues’ were not worthy enough to warrant feeling so unhappy; and the many others out there at risk of dismissing their discontent.  Many times I hear statements like ‘I should not be feeling like this’ or ‘I have no […]

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Overly Doting Grandparents?

I am sure many will relate to this.  I have a large age gap between my middle son and youngest daughter and I definitely can see how experience and being older and wiser and learning from mistakes can be part of how I parent. The Image of grandparents doting on their grandchildren, often makes us […]

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Isolation is very common, but why is there such a stigma around isolation?  Why is it so difficult for some people to admit that they may at times experience it? It can affect pensioners, divorcee’s, victims of bullying, domestic abuse victims, family scapegoats, students, professionals, rich people, freelance workers, self-employed, popular people can feel isolation, […]

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Damaging Relationships

Relationships can either allow us to flourish, or the opposite, with a possible varied spectrum in between.  I also believe that relationships can flow up and down that spectrum to some extent, depending on other factors.  For example, you could enjoy a healthy relationship that will hit difficulties and show some signs of toxicity. I […]

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Losing someone special

Saturday the 17th of January 2015 I was getting ready as usual.  In the bath, I became a little bemused why all of a sudden I had an urge to sing.  It was not too unusual as sometimes I will have a little sing in the bath and sometimes I will not.  I was singing […]

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